Magazine Articles?
Well afew of you may remember that a couple of years ago (or alot more) I put articles in various magazines and gained a lot of interest from people regarding the Jiffy.
If I did the same again, would I be able to use some of your pics for the articles??
Let me know in the comments box below. thank you
Thankfully the host of this website now has the option of a mobile app, so, as we are out and about doing things, we can update this blog more often, fingers crossed!!

On another note, the Jiffy Camper is still off the road, but we have allocated some time soon to get the new brake master cylinder fitted, the brakes bled, dusted and adjusted, and all other relevant checks done for the MOT. Realistically, the Jiffy wont probably go for its MOT until Mid June, but it is something to aim for atleast..

Will leave you guys to it, speak soon!!
Firstly, can i say thank you for looking at the website, and also the comments i have been getting back from you on either facebook, or Mini forums etc.....

Please feel free to add comments here regarding anything to do with the website, like bits you like, more of what you would like to see,  parts you dont like, or questions you may have and i will try my best to sort out or answer these things.

Well, i know the Jiffy Camper has recieved alot of interest over the last few days, so here is the plan for 2012
Firstly, on cold miserable evenings i will try to update this site as much as i can, although finding all of the pictures, mixed up in my external hard drives, isnt the easiest of tasks... lol
Regarding the Romahome, well, firstly i shall get it running.. The battery will undoubtedly be flat, so thats the first issue to deal with.
Once running, i will go through the main MOTable items, brakes, electrics etc etc and get it booked in....

This year I plan to have a few day outsing and weekend trips, then DEFINITELY visit the Southern Mini Days at Bewl Water in Kent.. This is usually at the beginning of August, but no date is set as yet!

Once the summer is over with, i shall be setting too on the interior as that is in serious need of attention..

Right, i have waffled enough, so will leave you to carry on as you were,

Cheers for now,

Welcome to the NEW Jiffy Register site....

Alot of you will know that i used to have a site with hundreds of pictures on, which was hosted by
Unfortunately, without warning, the plug was pulled and thousands of fotopic users lost all their websites, pictures and information.
I have intended to get this site back up and running, along with others i also host, and get the Jiffy Register bsck on the scene!!
Unfortunately, certain circumstances over the past couple of years ended up with me having to sell the original Mini Jiffy Pick Up, which alot of you will know i turned into a Mini Eddie Stobart Truck!! I was sorry to see it go, but these things obviously happen for a reason......

I havent done anything with any of my vehicles lately, but i am now in a new flat with decent offroad parking and have decided that Buzz, the Jiffy Romahome Camper WILL be attending Southern Mini Days this year!!!! HONEST!!!!

Well, please head back here soon to see if i have actually updated this site, or if i am a lazy arse!!!!

Cheers for popping by and checking it out!!